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Get Photoshop CS5 Free (Not keygen or Torrent)

Do you need Photoshop CS5 for FREE?

Are you tired of fake cracks / keygens, and fake torrents?

Well your wait is over! Follow the instructions below to have Photoshop CS5, completely free, in minutes.

Section 1: Downloading the required files

First off, you’re going to need to download the folder with ALL the files we’ll need. This folder is the same as the original Photoshop CS5 files, but ready to run without needing a serial key.

You can find the required files here

Once downloaded, the files will be in a .rar format, you will need a program called Winrar to extract them. Winrar is free and you might already have it, but if you don’t, download it free here

After you have Winrar installed, open the “Adobe Photoshop Cs5 (No Brushes)” folder you downloaded earlier. In the top left click extract, and choose a location.


An example of where the “extract” button is.


Choose a location to save too.

Once you have the folder extracted to your desired location, continue to the next step.

Section 2: Using Photoshop

First off, open the folder, this is what you should see:



You can ignore those files, you won’t need to change anything in them.

Just scroll down until you find the “Photoshop” application


The file to run.

Make sure you choose the one with the blue PS icon, and the type as “Application” like the one I showed in the picture.

Double click it, wait for it to load;



Once it’s finished, that’s all, you now have Photoshop CS5, completely free!


And we’re done 🙂

Section 3: Trouble shooting

Just in case you ran into some problems, this is where we’ll do our best to solve them! I’m going to list some common issues people might have, but if you don’t see yours here, feel free to comment!

“The program just won’t run!”

Luckily, this is pretty simple to fix. If you’re on Windows 7/Vista you might need administrative rights to run it. If you’re and admin, just right click and hit “run as admin”. If not, you will need somebody who is, to do it for you.

“It’s taking a long time to load :(“

Well, this is pretty common, of course it depends on your computers hardware, for most people it will take 30-45 seconds to load the first time, and 25ish the rest. If your computer is on the slower end, it may take up to 3-4 mins for it to run the first time, and maybe 1-2 mins the rest. But no worries, it WILL load soon enough!


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